Hope House Lowestoft

Vision, Mission Statement, Faith & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a drug and alcohol free, safe and secure, therapeutic, residential culture – free of all mind and mood controlling substances- to facilitate a pathway of transformative change and recovery, in the spirit of love in action and service.


Hope House offers accommodation to adult men who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness.

We believe recovery is possible, empowering our residents to overcome the root causes of what has led to homelessness with the support of our highly trained staff.

Providing a Drug and Alcohol-free environment, the aim is both to find stability and long-term self-sufficiency; to become a productive member of society, eventually enabling a staged return to employment/ education, and the eventual commitment to reach and sustain independent living.


Respect: we value, learn from, and appreciate each other, our clients, our colleagues, and our community

Empowerment: we encourage, build confidence, inspire, and promote each person’s right to reach their full potential

Integrity: we insist on absolute honesty, the highest standard of conduct, and accountability to each other and to all our fellowman

Excellence: we demonstrate exceptional performance and service

Collaboration: we work with each other and our community to fulfil our mission and achieve our vision

Hospitality: we welcome with compassion those in need of housing and services

Compassion: We walk with you. When others keep their distance from those who are suffering, compassion prompts us to act

Empathy: Being aware of, sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others suffering.


Our faith is the cement that binds our mission, values, and services together as a Christian charity.


Adam Outreach project is committed to and celebrates equality diversity and inclusion across our services and in the way we provide accommodation and mental health support to people. Through our values in our organisation and staff teams, we strive to ensure we have an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace. For us to have a workforce and provide a service that is inclusive we strive for diversity and promote equality within Adam Outreach Project.